The Laurel Group considers efforts to protect the global environment an important management issue and has formulated an environmental management system, which is recognized in the group’s 89 offices. In the spirit of “sincerity and loyalty,” Laurel’s corporate motto, and “mottainai,” a traditional Japanese concept about making maximum use of everything and not wasting anything, each and every one of us at Laurel will continually strive to work to improve the environment.

Environmentally-friendly Products

We are committed to managing chemical substances in our products, and we conduct an environmental assessment of the products from production to disposal.

Reducing Environmental Buren In Business Activity

We are actively engaged in activities to reduce environmental burdens caused by the use of resources in production sites or offices and emission of chemical substances.


Fundamental Principles

In the spirit of our corporate motto of “sincerity and loyalty,” each and every one of us at Laurel will continually strive to work to preserve biodiversity and protect the global environment.

Course Of Action

  • (1)Through our business activities of developing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing of cash-handling machines, we encourage development of environmentally friendly products, improvement in energy consumption efficiency, and reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste materials.
  • (2)We ensure to prevent toxic chemicals and waste substances from contaminating the environment throughout the product life cycle including green procurement.
  • (3)We set environmental objectives and targets and periodically review them.
  • (4)We comply with environmental laws and regulations agreed upon with related organizations.
  • (5)We review our environmental management system periodically for its continuous improvement.
  • (6)We promote green development and biodiversity-conscious business activities.

March 4th, 2011
Takeshi Ikebe, President, LAUREL BANK MACHINES CO., LTD.


Environmental Education

We at Laurel implement environmental education through e-learning for all employees.

Community Activities

We actively participate in activities such as cleaning around the office area.

Chemicals Management

Not only do we follow national and international regulations related to the environment, including the RoHS directive, we also have voluntary regulations within the Laurel group for the regulation of chemical substances.

Development Of Environmental-Friendly Products

We have introduced the environmental assessment system to promote the development of products with minimal environmental impact by making environmental assessments of resources and energy conservation in the designing process.

ISO 14001 Certification

The Laurel Group is certified with the ISO14001 established by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for its environmental management standards.



In order for us to provide environmentally efficient products and services, we implement green procurement with the support of our business partners.

Concept Of Green Procurement

We have plotted out a “Green Procurement Guideline” which consists of basic requirements for preferential purchasing of parts, materials, and products from those companies active in environmental protection.

Information About Green Procurement

For the procurement of parts, materials and products, we implement the following procedures.
Procurement from suppliers that are actively promoting environmental conservation.
Procurement of products that have minimal environmental impact and that do not contain hazardous materials.
Our Green Procurement Guidelines define substances harmful to human health or the environment as “prohibited substances.” By ensuring that the guidelines are followed in our green procurement activities, we provide products that do not contain such substances. Furthermore, we manage the content of substances by defining those substances, whose information must be transmitted under international regulations, such as candidate substances to be authorized by the REACH regulation, as “reportable substances.” We take every precaution to minimize risks posed by particular chemical substances. We define substances whose hazardousness is a concern as”control substances”and have banned the use of these substances in order to protect the environment and your safety. In April, 2004, we revised the Green Procurement Guidelines and came up with a new list which includes chemical substances specified by the Laurel group.