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    1. 1. Purpose of using personal information
    2. We will use your personal information and retained personal data (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") to the extent necessary for achieving the following objectives and will not use it for any other purpose.

    3. (1) Personal information on customers (retained personal data)
      • ・To provide planning, consultation and services accompanying sales / sales
      • ・To provide services such as financial products
      • ・To respond to the contents of inquiries sent to us
      • ・Inquiry contents by telephone is to record for the purpose of smoothly performing business
      • ・In order to contact people who wish to join us, provide information, and select recruitment
      • ・To communicate with employees, provide information, and manage personnel and labor

    4. (2) Personal information acquired through consignment etc.
      • ・For the purpose of achieving business purpose in development, operation and maintenance of products and services

    5. (3) Other
      • ・When exercising the right under the law or fulfilling the obligation

      Apart from the above purpose of use, when notifying individually the use purpose and acquiring consent when acquiring personal information, or in case of notice and publication, it will be based on the purpose of use.

    6. 2. About the provision of personal information to a third party
    7. We will not provide any personal information you provide to third parties unless you agree with the customer under laws and regulations.

    8. 3. Regarding the consignment of personal information
    9. The personal information you provide may be entrusted to all or some of the personal information you have deposited to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of using personal information in 1 above. In that case, we will conduct selection and evaluation such as taking appropriate safety measures to the contractor, and we will endeavor to conduct safety management by concluding outsourcing contracts etc.

    10. 4. Optionality of offering personal information
    11. Provision of personal information is voluntary, but if there is an error in the case where you can not provide it, or if there is an error in the information mistake or input etc, some or all of the services to the customer may not be available.

    12. 5. Acquisition of personal information by a method which the principal can not easily recognize
    13. In some of our service sites we provide services using the functions of cookies, but we do not acquire personal information.

    14. 6. Procedure to respond to request for disclosure etc.
    15. In requesting disclosure of your personal information (Notification, Disclosure, Correction, Addition or Deletion of Usage, Stop Usage, Stop Usage, Cancellation and Offers to a Third Party) of your personal information, please contact the following personal information consultation Please contact us via e-mail. We will send you a "Request for Disclosure of Personal Information" (hereinafter referred to as Disclosure Request). Please fill in the contents of the disclosure request form according to the item and attach it to the personal identification document (* 1) specified by us and send it by mail to the following "personal information consultation window". (Applicants can also download from the website.)

      (* 1) If you are asking for "Notification of purpose of use" or "Request for notification of disclosure", please enclose your confirmation documents and 600 yen postage stamps in the disclosure request documents . (It will be used as a registered postal fee to send a reply) If there is a shortage of the stamp for reply, and if the stamp for return has not been enclosed, we will contact you so, but within the prescribed period If you can not pay, we will return the documents you received as if you were not asked for disclosure etc.

    16. 7. About handling in cases where disclosure etc. is not done
    17. In the case where we decide next, we will not be able to disclose, so please note in advance. If we decide not to disclose, we will notify you with a reason to that effect. In addition, we will charge a prescribed fee even if we do not disclose etc.

      • ・When you can not verify yourself
      • ・When you can not confirm the proxy authority at the request of the agent
      • ・In case there is incompleteness in the prescribed request form
      • ・If there is no payment of the fee (stamp) within the prescribed period
      • ・In the case where the requested information item does not correspond to personal disclosure information or personal data held by the Company
      • ・There is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or the third party
      • ・When there is a risk of seriously hindering the proper implementation of our business
      • ・In case of violating other laws and ordinances

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